February 2020
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Outlander Practice Pad: For Pipe Band Drummers


The “Outlander Practice Pad” from Off World Percussion.

I’m extremely happy today because it’s finally arrived and very smart it is too !

Over the next few days I will be reviewing this beauty designed for pipe band drumming  which will include video/sound clips and plenty of photos.

“Watch this space !”


Outlander pad shot 1

10 comments to Outlander Practice Pad: For Pipe Band Drummers

  • Charlie Finlayson

    Where did you purchase the outlander practice pad and I noticed Agner pipe band drumsticks on your fb page can I require also where you got them.
    Charlie Finlayson

    • David

      Hi Charlie, How are you? I imported the Outlander pad from the united states and hope to become a selling agent for them here in Scotland and the rest of the uk. The sticks are swiss made (pipe band model) and were sent over to me by a contact who lives in Germany. The pad is amazing and I would definitely recommend it for pipe band drummers. The sticks are longer than normal and take a bit of getting used to but I find them great for practicing:-)

      • Charles Finlayson

        Hi David,
        I’m fine David thank you for asking. Would you keep me posted on your situation with the Outlander pad I would be interested in obtaining one should you become a selling agent. I noticed you said the Agner sticks were great for practicing can you tell me what sticks you currently use if not the Agner ones, just curious as I tend to use KP2,also Bazstixs or TG by Gordon Brown.

        • David

          Hi Charlie,
          We have been using KP2’s Which are brilliant, however, this season we are looking for a slightly fatter sound so have gone for the Reid Maxwell Andante sticks.
          All the sticks you mentioned are great for pipe band drumming especially the Bazsticks which I think have a great feel to them.
          I will keep you posted reference the Outlander pad:-) it really depends on me being able to import/sell without them costing a fortune.
          Keep up the good drumming and keep in touch.

  • Tom

    Hi David,
    I have seen on youtube outlander and i am therefore interested in one but one sent from the USA or Canada is not so convenient.
    If you get the dealership I would like to order by you.
    I am leading drummer of the beatrixpipeband and if it indeed is a good pad i would like some more pads fot my drumcore i think.
    I would like to hear from you,
    Tom Wingerden

    • David

      Hi Tom,
      Great to hear from you:-)
      I would be delighted to keep in touch with you about the pad and other drumming related things.

      I hope things are very well for you and your drum corps.

      Kind Regards


  • Tom

    Hi dave,
    Yes it goes well with our drum core, we have a period of three years a close group built up from grade 4 to grade 3 now go reprocessing. Enough challenges.
    Perhaps the outlander can go there to help

    regards Tom

  • Debbie Spalding

    Hi David, on reading about you may becoming a selling agent here in the uk for these pads, can you give me a price for them? My son is learning and these look and sound great, pitty you dont do fancy Tennor sticks, as iam on the hunt for a pair for myself. Info gratefull. Regards Debbie.

    • David

      Hi Debbie, thanks for reading the blog.
      I am still hoping I can work something out, the biggest hurdle being shipping and import tax which would make the pad very expensive to buy in the UK. If I’m successful I will give you a shout:-)

      If you are interested in Tenor sticks I can put you in touch with one of my contacts who is a selling agent for pro line sticks. Let me know.


      • Debbie Spalding

        Yes please David, that would be great, many thanks for your promt reply.Please keep me posted on how your efforts go.
        Regards Debbie.

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