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Drumming Workshop: Scots Guards Association Pipes & Drums Manchester Branch

On July  20/21st we held a pipe band drumming workshop in Manchester for the Scots Guards Association Pipes & Drums (Manchester Branch).  The drum corps have been working very hard on their rudimental technique and phrasing and also looking to enhance their bass and tenor section with split tones and flourishing technique.

I was very impressed how keen they were to learn and make significant changes to their scores and musical phrasing. On Saturday we started  at 10.00am with going back to rudimental basics, mammy daddy, single strokes, paradiddles,flams etc and learning to control the rudiments and play them together . In the afternoon the drum corps worked very hard on playing dynamics with snare drum exercises and two bar phrasing. By the end of the first day  it was great to hear them playing a drum score dynamically and with musical expression. Some significant changes had been made to their playing by practicing hard together and working on their technique.

On the Sunday we continued to practice a drum score by breaking it down part by part and then playing it expressively and in time with the bass and tenor section.  The weekend finished off with them playing on the drums and practicing corps playing. A great bunch of lads who are very keen and prepared to learn ! They are also blessed with a fantastic pipe corps so if they continue to work as hard as they did over that July weekend  it wont be long until they are in the drumming prizes !

Keep up the good work guys !_DSC9338_1-2

2 comments to Drumming Workshop: Scots Guards Association Pipes & Drums Manchester Branch

  • Fantastic weekends Dave (October too) .The Corps is coming on leaps and bounds due to your input and have really got the bit between their teeth!

    It is truly amazing to see young guys who have come from a different genre of drumming -military/marching band style – transition so ‘easily’ into the more musical style of pipe band drumming.

    Over a good many years in the pipe band world I have attended many workshops/clinics conducted by very well known lead drummers and have to say the one’s conducted by yourself have been far and away the most fruitful.
    You have a gift in imparting your knowledge in a simple and understandable and patient style. Great to partake in a workshop where the leader has no ego getting in the way!!

    Mick Brogan – SGA PB Manchester Branch

    • David

      Dear Mick, thank you for your kind words which are really appreciated.
      I’m really pleased to hear that the drummers are doing so well and the corps coming on leaps and bounds !

      I always look forward to seeing you and the guys and know that next year the band will do very well in the competing circuit!

      Hope to catch up with you and the guys soon Mick.

      Stick in there:-)


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