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Experienced tutor and pipe band snare drummer, Dave Henry, is now taking on one to one lessons August 2018. E mail dave@pipebanddrumming.co.uk for details and to make an appointment.

Reels: The Raven’s Rock/ Dancing Feet

Reels for SiteA couple of reels. The Ravens Rock and Dancing Feet

Scottish Pipe Band Drumming Academy in East Lothian.


drumming School

A new initiative is being hosted within Loretto School in Musselburgh on Friday evenings which aims to making pipe band drumming lessons affordable to local children and teens in East Lothian.   The lessons, including snare bass and tenor drumming will be taught and supervised by Drumming Instructor Dave Henry.

Times: Beginners: 18:00 -19:00hrs

Intermediate/advanced players 19:00-20:00hrs.


Fore more details contact dave@pipebanddrumming.co.uk or complete the form below to book a drumming session.




Snare Drummers looking for a new band?

Drumming advertCriagmount Caledonia are recruiting for snare drummers to join and compete with them during the 2016 season.

If you are a snare drummer and would like a new challenge of playing  with an up and coming pipe band, contact:



Police Charged With Schools Pipe Band Challenge

Govan Pipers








Police officers with the world’s most successful competition pipe band are leading a pioneering project to help children in part of Glasgow take up bag piping and drumming.

Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band – formerly Strathclyde Police Pipe Band – has won 20 World Pipe Band Championship titles and is now sharing its expertise with 60 youngsters in Govan.

Originally formed as the Burgh of Govan Police Pipe Band in 1883, former officers are now coaching pupils who will compete for the first time at the Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championships.

Funded by the Govan Weaver’s Society, four primary schools are involved – Riverside, St Constantine’s, Pirrie Park and St Saviour’s. Each gets an hour of tuition a week. Meanwhile, aspiring pipers and drummers at Govan High School are receiving instruction one day a week.

Iain MacPherson, Glasgow Police Pipe Band Sergeant, said: “It’s been a real privilege to head back to Govan to open the eyes of youngsters to the world of piping. Some of them were completely unaware of the Greater Glasgow Police Scotland’s Pipe Band origins, so it was a pleasure to let them know the area is steeped in such rich piping culture.

“It’s definitely helped inspire them into picking up the bagpipes and we have been inundated with requests for tuition. Their dedication is really shining through and instead of going home to play on their Xboxes, students are now staying at school after hours to perfect their technique.

“Although we are still in the very early stages, we’ve set our sights on a debut public performance at the Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championships this year. It’s going to be a busy few weeks as band rehearsals get underway but we are very much looking forward to the challenge.”

Tom McInally, Deacon of The Govan Weavers Society, said: “Having been involved in the programme of regeneration in Govan, we were keen to restore some civic pride and community spirit into the area and to build on important elements of the community’s history. As one of the most deprived areas in Scotland, Govan suffers from a number of social and economic issues and it is our central objective to ameliorate this.

“We looked at a number of possibilities for ideas but thought the piping project was not only fitting with the history of pipe bands in the area but also due to the great number of benefits it brings.

“It provides young people with a tremendous sense of pride, instils a valuable work ethic and also helps alleviates symptoms of asthma and bronchitis which are particularly prevalent in Govan, while rekindling the local community’s piping connection with its world class local band.”

Govan High School Head Teacher Iain White says the thriving pipe band interest at the school has boosted the daily lives of pupils. He added: “I am delighted to see the passion for the pipe band grow. It’s a fantastic hobby for the students and gives them a great focus.

“Working with the four primary schools in the area has been a real catalyst in the regeneration of Govan as it has brought young people from all walks of life together.

“The band gives the players a true sense of purpose which is an extremely important part of school life and additionally encourages them to fulfil their capabilities. It is also great to see some healthy competition between schools as it puts a certain edge onto rehearsals and gives a boost to the students to try their best at all times.

“We are very much looking forward to taking part in the Scottish Schools Championships and we hope that it will further heighten the aspirations of our students.”

Organisers of the competition have the motto Every school needs a pipe band. They work to promote piping and drumming, particularly in state schools. Similar initiatives in other parts of Scotland have delivered benefits such as better exam performance.

David Johnston, from East Lothian, is Chairman of the committee behind the competition, and added: “Independent schools have a thriving tradition of producing excellent pipe bands but it is time that students from all backgrounds are exposed to the piping tradition.

“It’s an exciting time for the students of Govan and we look forward to welcoming them at this year’s championships. The ethos behind the competition is that it is an inclusive event designed to cater to all levels, even beginners.

“In the past, young bands have performed and been truly inspired by seeing their peers play to such high standards and we sincerely hope that this will be the case for the Govan Pipe Band and that it will prove to be their first appearance of many at the Scottish Schools Championships ( 9.3.14).”

Source : Holyroodpr

Lead Drummer Required For Carnoustie And District Pipe Band.


An opportunity has arisen for a position as Lead Drummer of Carnoustie and District Pipe Band Grade 4B.
The band has achieved a great deal in it’s formative years being only 5 years old. In the space of 2 years we have gone from no qualification at any major contest to qualifying at the British, Scottish and Europeans in 2013, including winning 4th place at the British.
We have also consistently been in the prize lists in grade 4 in local contests successfully challenging grade 4A bands. We are now expanding our repertoire to involve grade 3 standard requirements such as medley and MSR.
The band is very involved in the local community and trips abroad involving twinning associations continue to be on the agenda as well as competing at every major contest and all branch contests.
The ideal candidate would have the enthusiasm and desire to take on a young and aspiring corps of drummers, able to coach and encourage and mould into their own style to produce good scores for a modern, lively repertoire.
As well as Lead Drummer, corps snare drummers of any experience would be welcomed into the band to enhance the ranks of what is currently very much a juvenile corps.


For more information about the band please visit


Enquiries can be made with Pipe Major Ian Campbell on 07540167387, or Secretary Andrew Brown on 07921163868.


Drumming Workshop: Scots Guards Association Pipes & Drums Manchester Branch

On July  20/21st we held a pipe band drumming workshop in Manchester for the Scots Guards Association Pipes & Drums (Manchester Branch).  The drum corps have been working very hard on their rudimental technique and phrasing and also looking to enhance their bass and tenor section with split tones and flourishing technique.

I was very impressed how keen they were to learn and make significant changes to their scores and musical phrasing. On Saturday we started  at 10.00am with going back to rudimental basics, mammy daddy, single strokes, paradiddles,flams etc and learning to control the rudiments and play them together . In the afternoon the drum corps worked very hard on playing dynamics with snare drum exercises and two bar phrasing. By the end of the first day  it was great to hear them playing a drum score dynamically and with musical expression. Some significant changes had been made to their playing by practicing hard together and working on their technique.

On the Sunday we continued to practice a drum score by breaking it down part by part and then playing it expressively and in time with the bass and tenor section.  The weekend finished off with them playing on the drums and practicing corps playing. A great bunch of lads who are very keen and prepared to learn ! They are also blessed with a fantastic pipe corps so if they continue to work as hard as they did over that July weekend  it wont be long until they are in the drumming prizes !

Keep up the good work guys !_DSC9338_1-2

Tenor Drummer Fiona Morris Raising Money For Bone Cancer Trust


After 4 weeks of extensive surgery for a bone tumour, brave tenor drummer ,Fiona Morris of Boghall and Bathgate Pipe Band is already back playing her drum again. Despite only starting physio last week and still needing crutches to walk any long distances, she played the drum for the first time at her band practice last Monday which is fantastic progress! Please read Fiona’s story and donate what ever you can to her charity cause.

“A few years back I was playing with my pipe band at the world championships when I noticed pain in my left leg. As my drum sits on that leg we assumed it was muscular pain from carrying the instrument.  It persisted and the pain became more frequent so I would occasionally have some paracetamol to ease it.  However, the pain just didn’t go away and we went along to the local doctors to see if they could check it out.   As nothing was obvious, no bruising, swelling, cuts or anything out of place, the GP advised we see how things go but come back in a few weeks if there was no change……..

Please click on Fiona’s photo to read the rest of her story and donate to her cause.





Outlander Practice Pad: For Pipe Band Drummers


The “Outlander Practice Pad” from Off World Percussion.

I’m extremely happy today because it’s finally arrived and very smart it is too !

Over the next few days I will be reviewing this beauty designed for pipe band drumming  which will include video/sound clips and plenty of photos.

“Watch this space !”


Outlander pad shot 1

Shotts & Dykehead Legendary Drum Corps

Looking through my archive drum score folder I came across this old photo of the Legendary Alex Duthart and his drum corps. I remember removing the page from an old Premier drum catalogue in the late 1970’s. I have been told that Bert Barr was on the flank of this photo but unfortunately  was edited out for the page to fit the catalogue/brochure.

In 1977  I had the pleasure of seeing for the very first time the big man playing at the Cowal games and knew instantly that pipe band drumming would become a huge part of my life.

In my opinion his drum scores are some of the best scores ever written for the snare drum and for pipe band drummers.He revolutionised pipe band drumming with the use of drum rudiments and scores that were sympathetic to the pipe tune.